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Alright let’s do this thing

Name: Jenna

Nickname: Bunnyy

Birthday: December 30, 1996

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Time zone: Wow, I actually have no idea and I’m too lazy to google it oops

Time: 9 22

Average Hours of Sleep: Probably about 6. I go to sleep early at night, but wake up so often it’s sucky :P

Last Thing I Googled: Lawyers with tattoos and piercings

Most Used Phrase: “well actually” or something along those lines

First Word That Comes to Mind: write

Last Thing Said to Family Member: “Goodnight, love you”

Place That Makes You Happy: Arkansas Governor’s School; I was able to truly learn about things like nonviolent conflict and the philosophy of Aristotle and Descartes. I also got to debate with people who actually understood politics. It was lovely.

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: My big comforter and then a blanket I bought in Cozumel last year

Favorite Beverage: Water

Last Movie I Saw in the Cinema: The Giver with thiswildlife-ofzachary

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: Books, music, and my family (not necessarily my biological family, but the people I’ve met and come to love in my lifetime)

Something I Plan on Learning: How to love people the right way

Advice For My Followers: Always remember that your life is just that: YOUR life. Don’t live it to please others. Live it so that you’ll be happy with what you accomplish. Always reach for YOUR dreams, not somebody else’s. You’re worth so much; don’t let that go by trying to be somebody you are not.

Listen to: The Wild Life by Vacationer

I tag: sa-dddd and the-whiskey-writer

I don’t care that your
Feelings for me have
Suddenly developed
(Now that I’m happy
Without you)
I don’t care that you
Miss the way my lips
Feel on your neck and
I certainly don’t give
A damn that you think
You’re better than
Anybody else I could find

I’m happy now
Without you
I’ve learned to enjoy
The way my hair falls
Around my face in
Unruly blonde curls
And the way a cold
Night inspires poetry
I could never write
For you and I’m
Happy with him
Because he lets
Me be who I am
Meant to be


That was how it started
My shorts were a little
Too short and my shirt a
Little too low-cut but
Nobody minded because
The sun was setting the
Earth ablaze that day
I don’t know why or
How you chose me to
Say hello to but
You did and I fell in love
With the way your words
Were only meant
For me that wonderful day
Your hands danced on
My skin and your eyes
Captured my soul
I was unable to move
Away from you
I remember my exposed
Legs burning in the heat
But I could not move
For you had me where
You wanted me
I remember knowing I
Was going to hang out with
The friends I missed
But it mattered not
I was now yours
And that was the basis
Of the relationship created
Under the sun
I was yours but you
Were not mine in the same way
I was to make you happy
You were my priority
My number one but
That’s not who I was for you
I still remember the way
You would raise your voice
If I embarrassed you or if
I forgot that we had plans
(Even if I was never informed)
But most of all I remember
The way the sun felt on
My skin as I fell in love
With what would become
My prison

And I hate that sun


Dear Lover

The sun has moved
Farther away from the
Earth and you have
Moved further away
From me
Unlike the animals who
Have begun to adjust
To winter living
I have not and still
Depend on your touch
For sustenance and
Your voice for pleasure

I should have seen the
Warning signs—
The cologne I did not
Buy you and the lipstick
Stains in a shade I
Would never wear
I should have known
That we were not the
Song you wanted to write
But a late night at work
Keeping you away
From home

I adore you
My lover
Enough to let you go
But I still crave you
And wait for the
Morning I will again
Wake up to you


Terrified, I am
Of recovery
Of smiling
Of enjoying
The way my
Body looks
As I examine
It in the mirror
I’ve never known
The feeling of
Enjoying my own
And I’m scared
I’ll enjoy myself
Too much and
It will all come
Crashing down
Around me
In a pile of
Bitter self-hate
In a degree
Which I
Have never
Before felt