For one day she wanted
The world to be her playground
And she wanted to be the
Queen of all she could see and
Even of that which she could not
But see the world was not
Her friend nor was it an ally
The world was her mortal enemy
Drawing her deeper into its
Worldly happenings and in closer
To the desire of a tragic death
The more she wished for the
World the more she found herself
Wishing for death to encompass her
And not just a death where she
Slowly faded and ceased to exist
No she wanted a death of
Pain and finality within the
Blood pouring out of her broken
Mind and broken heart
She wanted to feel the pain that
The world had to offer because
Somewhere along the way she
Fell in love with the world


Anonymous asked:

When we don't feel we're meant For the shallow ways of this world, And we're tired of it, Tis' a sign that our realm is of A higher consciousness And so is yours dear tired girl ;)

That was beautiful, anon. Keep writing!

The tumbling waves of raging sea
Are the passion in my chest
Like every creature dying to live
I will do what is best

But his fingers entangle my hair
Playing the part of grasping seaweed
And his lips entrap my own
As if preventing my desperate leave

I will not allow my body
To fall like old, discarded scales
I will swim to the very top
To escape my personal Jonah’s Whale

Once I saw my bright destiny
In his ocean blue eyes
But now I know the truth
He want my dream to die

I am stronger than his chaos
I am louder than his screams
I am better than his insecurity
I am no longer his toy


Anonymous asked:

Very moving blog, but why do you call yourself a tired girl?

Because I’m tired of life, tired of having to deal with prejudice, racism, sexism, classism, etc., tired of ignorance being seen as okay, tired of seeing pain forced upon those who don’t deserve it, tired of being tired. I’m just tired of the way this world works and the fact that I don’t feel welcome in it.